Rifle Range

Are You a Sharpshooter? Line Up on the Target & See

Can you hit the target? Try the classic shooting experience: small bore ’22’ rifles and a static target… Completely safe & sensational fun. Find your group’s sharpshooter. It might not be who you expect!

You might be surprised how much fun you have trying this classic target shooting challenge on our rifle range. Line your sights up on the target, take a deep breath and squeeze the trigger…

  • Shoot inside in the warmth and comfort of Crossfire
  • Shoot targets in our six super-safe 20 metre allies
  • Shoot light and easy-to-handle, secured, 22 calibre, Norinco sporting rifles
  • Shoot for fun or bragging rights* – take your target home to prove just how well you did
  • Shoot for the first or thousandth time – no experience needed
  • Shoot with full instruction from our experienced team
  • Fun for shooters aged 12+

*Warning: the risk of bruising male egos on our range is very real!

Never shot a rifle? Crossfire is the perfect place to try. Seasoned shooter? Try to improve on the last time you lined up on a target… Compete against yourself or friends and family.

Come out and have a shot today!


$30 for 25 shots

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