Battle with Cannons & Sponge Balls – Unique to Crossfire!

Can you hit your friends before they hit you? A recipe for unforgettable fun: up to 12 battlers, 40 sponge balls, 9 forts with cannons… Truly unique – you can’t do this anywhere else!

No rules. Run. Grab as many balls as you can find. Take possession of a fort and cannon before your fellow battlers have got them all. Defend your fort – shoot your balls at anything that moves. Retrieve balls. Repeat… Let battle commence!

  • Battle in a purpose-built 1250m2 battleground.
  • Battle with 40 cannon-propelled sponge balls
  • Battle for 9 forts with cannons that launch balls at the speed of a tennis serve
  • Battle as much as you like within your allocated time
  • Battle for fun and bragging rights with 6 to 12 people*
  • Fun for: all ages but more suited to (adult supervised) children 8 and older.

*Perfect birthday party fun!

Invented at Crossfire, Battlefield is safe shooting fun unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. Crossfire is the only place in the world you can do this. Fun doesn’t come in any purer form. All you need is lots of energy and one of our compulsory helmets…

Come out and give it a try. Call us to secure your battle time.


$12 per person for 20 mins


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