Will Your Arrow Fly Straight & True to the Target?

Who can hit the bullseye? A bow, endless arrows, a target, you and your friends. Discover the amazing fun to be had with – this most ancient of accuracy challenges – archery.

People have been shooting arrows at targets for a very long time.  It’s great fun and something everyone should have a go at, at least once. Now’s your chance! Stand up tall and draw the bowstring back, steady now…

  • Shoot from the shelter of covered booths in our three 15 metre alleys.
  • Shoot with bows to suit you – we have novice-archer-friendly bows to suit everyone, including children.
  • Shoot alone or in groups of up to three
  • Shoot as much as you like in your allocated time
  • Shoot for the first or thousandth time – no experience needed
  • Shoot with full instruction from our experienced team
  • Fun for: all ages but more suited to (adult supervised) children 8 and older.

Discover whether you can shoot anything like your archery hero. Legolas? William Tell? Robin Hood? Hawkeye? See what happens when you get together with bow, arrows, target and friends. We can’t guarantee you’ll hit the target. But that’s the fun bit.

Come out and give archery a go.


$24 per person for 20 mins

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